Top Posts

Here is a collection of the posts that have generated the most comments, conversations, or  emails during the life of this blog. The top three things that attract readers to my blog from internet searches are:

1. Pringles related searches
2. Chipotle burrito weight searches
3. Bacon weaving searches

Pringles content

For a season of life I tasted and ranked Pringles flavors. I wrote many posts about this. In lieu of linking all those posts I’ll just put up the master list . . .

Pringles Flavor Rankings (here are my rankings)

Posts relating to Chipotle burrito weights

I’ve wondered about the weights of Chipotle burritos, and this curiosity resulted in a  few blog posts. My blog has been cited in numerous locations as an authority on Chipotle burrito weights, which amuses me. Internet searches relating to Chipotle burrito weight remain on the top referrers to my blog. 

A Chipotle Burrito Weigh-In (the original post)

Chipotle Weigh-In II

Chipotle Weigh-In III (a trend appears to be emerging)

Weighing Chipotle Burritos (the most recent post, with data from five burritos)

Posts relating to bacon

I have a reputation as a bacon-lover. I would argue that I have only an average appreciation for bacon, but I may have experimented with it more than the average person. Here are a few posts:

Why I Ate a Pound of Bacon Today (the first mention of bacon on this blog)

The Art of Bacon Weaving (one of the most linked and viewed posts I have ever written)

A Curious Mint

Peanut Butter-Maple Bacon Fudge

Constructing a Bacon-Cheese Turtleburger

Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies

Bacon Parmesan Biscuits

Posts on identifying cola brands by taste 

I set up some taste tests with colas to determine if people could identify cola brands via small samples. I’ve received numerous emails regarding these posts (mostly from students wanting to stage tests or use my data for school experiments).

Identifying Soda By Taste: Coke/Pepsi/Generic

Identifying Soda by Taste: Coke/Pepsi/Generic (Round II)

How much do deck screws weigh?

Let’s Count Something (the problem emerges)

Determining the Weight of 3″ Deck Screws (the solution)

The Pringles SuperStack incites my wrath

Every Time Some of the Time (I first notice the annoying “100 crisps in every can*”) [*on average]

A Pringles Super Stack Audit (disconcerting data)

Cold cereal serving size considered

Cereal Servings > 1

Christmas movies

I thought this was a throwaway post when I wrote it but at the time I wrote this page it was the 4th highest ranked post on my blog in page views.

My Top Five Christmas Movies

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth inspires my curiosity

An “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” Lyrical Analysis

A tennis question

I had a few conversations with people about retirements (meaning quitting a match, not ending a career). I began to wonder what perceptions were accurate and which were tricks of the imagination.

Retirements in Men’s Tennis Majors

That’s a start. I plan to add a section of my personal favorites, but that’s for later. . . 

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