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Flowers = Smiles

Usually when I walk down the sidewalk I am largely ignored. But I noticed an interesting development over the past few months.

Sometimes I walk to Woodring’s Floral Gardens on Allen Street to buy cut flowers to dissect and examine in the Horticultural Systematics class I am teaching this semester. As I walk to Woodring’s everything is normal.

I arrive at the shop, purchase a collection of cut flowers, and embark on my return trip to Tyson building. And this is when things change.

As I walk down the sidewalk holding a bouquet people smile at me. Especially women. It’s like I’m Steve Buscemi walking to the florist and Brad Pitt on the way back.

If they knew the flowers were destined for dissection I bet they wouldn’t be so generous with their smiles. Awww, there goes a good boyfriend has more appeal than there goes a horticulturist with floral cadavers.

The next time I’m having a bad day I might buy a bunch of flowers and simply walk around town.



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