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The Fruits of Insomnia

The other night I had insomnia. I decided to write down the first few thoughts that crossed my mind. Here they are:

  • Rats have beady eyes, so I bet it would tough for them to wear monocles.
  • I suppose a scarf that fit a giraffe would be very wide and rather short.
  • I’ve never seen an ant skiing; I suppose it’s because they have six legs.
  • The next time I see a squirrel I plan to ask him “Excuse me sir, do you happen to have any washers or bolts?”
  • I think I like tree bark better than dog bark.
  • Penguins are always so formal.
  • I bet monkeys don’t really like bananas.
  • It must be humiliating for a bookshelf to be filled with trinkets and souvenirs and no books.
  • I saw a UFO last night. Oh, I guess I should mention that UFO stands for Unusually Funny Movie. Wait, movie doesn’t start with O.
  • If you randomly transported a man from the year 1315 to the present, I wonder how long it would take him to learn how to drive a car?
  • Sometimes I agree with Stephen Colbert . . . and it bothers me.

I would never wish insomnia on anyone.


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A Few Thoughts as this Saturday Draws to a Close

Hey those sirens are getting close. This afternoon I heard sirens in the distance. And they got closer. And still closer. I looked out the window and saw a firetruck coming down the road, and it turned into my apartment parking lot. Then it proceeded to drive towards my building. I opened the window and smelled smoke. This is not good I thought. I stood on my balcony, and I deduced that my side of the building was not on fire. It must be the other side. I ventured outside to check things out.

I saw a blazing garbage dumpster. So the building was not on fire. Evidently someone threw out a cigarette butt or something that ignited (or someone might have started it intentionally). The firemen made short work of it.

I’ll take a pound. So I was thinking about something a bit random today. If you had to eat a pound of one thing in one sitting, what would it be? What would be the easiest? Now this thing must be one pound when you eat it, so if you say a one pound hamburger be warned that the burger must be a full pound after grilling/broiling. 

My conclusion is that steak or potatoes would be a good choice. I wouldn’t recommend trying cotton candy.

What is drinkability? During the World Series I saw many Budweiser ads that boasted Bud Light has drinkability. Those ads also run on Sundays during football broadcasts. What is drinkability? What does it say about a product if an ambiguous  quasi-trait must be made up to sell it? Water is very drinkable. How is Bud Light different than water?

I am herbaceous. I like the words Isaiah writes: “All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field” (Is. 40:6b). Sometimes I start to think I’m a tree. A tree that flowers, fruits, and has pretty cool fall foliage. And then I remember that I am an herbaceous plant, a perennial grass. It isn’t easy being green.

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Notes from the Weekend

Here are a few random thoughts and notes from the weekend:

Congregants, I’ll lend you my ears. Most Sundays when I am leading the music at E-FreeI have an earbud in my right ear that gives me a monitor feed. This Sunday I led with a small team (just one other member, Aaron also played acoustic guitar) so I decided to skip the monitor feed. It was difficult to hear myself, but I was able to hear the congregation very well (normally I do not). It was nice for a change, though I don’t think it would work if I was leading a full team.

Jeanetic engineering. I grew up wearing dress pants, or at least slacks, to church. Wearing jeans on a Sunday morning just feels weird to me. That being said, I have begun wearing jeans (especially on mornings when I am leading the music). Why? Because I think a leader in relaxed attire is received differently than a leader in more formal attire (alas, my new worship-leading tuxedo was a poor purchase). I do not want people in the congregation to be focused on me, or what I’m wearing, but I think it happens unfortunately. My goal as a leader is to be forgettable/ignorable.

Marinara sauce stains. On Sunday after the service we had a potluck dinner at E-Free. At some point while making my way through the food line I brushed up against marinara sauce. It stained. This afternoon I washed that pair of jeans in my sink. A little Shout and All and they’re as good as new. Though they once were stained scarlet they are now a a light blue distressed denim color.   

I’m not a fan of ties. And I don’t mean neckties or bowties (for I am a fan of those, if I could wear a bowtie everyday I would). I’m referring to even scores. Like fantasy baseball championships that end in 5-5 ties. Yeah, that happened.

Good job Andy. I feel Andy Reid coached a very good game on Sunday night. I loved his approach. The players failed to execute at critical times, and that’s why the Eagles lost. I really liked the 4th and goal decision, and I even loved the play he called. I’d do it again. Sometime you win, and sometimes you lose. I am a fan of Andy Reid.

Over my head in the pool. I participate in an NFL pickem pool. This year I am doing very poorly. Most weeks I look at the betting lines, consider all sorts of factors, read the opinions of experts, and then make my picks. Last week was my best week, and I made my picks in 30 seconds. No lines, experts, and little thought. I just asked myself: Which team is better?  Well, this week I tried that again. It didn’t work.

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A Few Random Thoughts on a Beautiful Saturday. . .

Barack Obama announces his running mate. This seems to be the biggest news story of the day. I really do not know much about Senator Biden. I couldn’t help but notice that he is from Scranton, PA. Evidently Obama is targeting the The Office fan vote.

My pet Peeve. I do not own any pets. I doubt I ever will. However, I would love to have one so that I could name it Peeve. Then I could meet people in the park as I walked my pet and say: “This is my pet, Peeve.” Who wouldn’t want a capybara named Peeve? I do.

Welcome back Lou. Lou Marson helped the US baseball team win a silver bronze medal in the Olympics, and now he will be returning to the states. His destination should be Philadelphia, not Reading. I don’t think the Phils should wait for September to call up Silver Bronze Lou, they should make the move right now.

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A Few Random Thoughts on this Fine Wednesday

The Best Dressing

My favorite salad dressing was lost, but now it is found. And this is exciting. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Kraft Tangy Tomato Bacon dressing disappeared from grocery shelves. This caused me some duress. I grieved quietly and picked a substitute. Then yesterday I noticed it reappeared, with a new bottle design. Oh happy day!

Wimbledon is off to a wonderful start. I watched the two number one seeds win today. Ana Ivanovic’s win against Nathalie Dechy was spectacular (6-7, 7-6, 10-8). Dechy played extraordinarily well and should have won. One strange bounce off the net, a review that showed a ball hitting the line by one millimeter, and her hat falling off as she hit a crucial winner (which was voided by the hat falling off) ended up costing her the match.

Roger Federer entered the court rocking a throwback cardigan, and disposed of Roger Solderling easily (6-3, 6-4, 7-6). Roger was sharp on the backhand, and he had a excellent touch on his volleys. With Djokovic getting knocked out early, Fed’s path to the final just became easier. I hope he wins it all. I love the fact that he is the best, and he continually backs it up. He’s not like the Yankees or Cowboys, who buy players and are financial bullies in their leagues. He is specially talented and he works extremely hard to be the best. I like that.

Sandal Tan Lines

Sandal tan lines are cool. I think of my sandal tan lines as decorations. Sort of like racing stripes.  A foot that is all the same color is boring. Why not liven things up with defined lines? It’s probably the closest thing to a tattoo I’ll ever have.

A doodling trend. Over the past couple of weeks my notes have been invaded by stick figures. I’m not sure why. I seem to unconsciously draw recreating stick figures. Here is a sample I collected from my desk today.  

Stick Figures

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