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The Moon at its Best

This evening I browsed news headlines and an article caught my eye (Biggest and brightest full moon of 2010 tonight). Could you read that headline and not go outside to see how impressive the moon was? I couldn’t. I grabbed my camera and walked through the woods to the cornfield behind my apartment complex so I would have an unobstructed view.

From there I took this picture of the moon.

The moon on January 29, 2010.

This was not the first time I photographed our natural satellite. In August of 2008 I took a few pictures from the same location, though on that night it was not a full moon.

After downloading the pictures I took tonight to my computer I began to wonder what the moon would look like wearing a hat. So I decided to find out.

The moon wearing a Panama hat.

Considering it was about 15° F here in State College when I took the picture I figured the moon might be cold. I tried a knit cap next.

The moon wearing a knit cap.

And finally we all know the moon is a Phillies fan so I had to fix it up accordingly.

The moon is a Phillies fan.

Suddenly it occurred to me that it is Friday night and I am sitting here Photoshopping hats onto the moon. This is my leisure. And I laughed.

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A December Hike

Last year the weekend before Christmas snow descended upon eastern Pennsylvania. I drove back to Montgomery County just ahead of the storm. On Sunday morning (December 20) most church services were cancelled or delayed. I decided to take a hike along the Perkiomen Creek to take in the winter wonderland (in September of 2008 I briefly wrote a post about a similar hike, minus the snow) . I took many photos that morning, recently I was sorting them out and I thought I’d post a few of them.

On my way down to the creek I decided to head east to see if some of the farmland that used to be located in that area was developed. I was surprised to find a couple of fields still in use. There was about eight inches of snow on the ground, though it was so light it readily drifted and blew around. The clouds seemed very low on that morning, and in the distance the snow and clouds met almost seamlessly. I tried to capture this with my camera, but all the reflected light resulted in contrast between the sky and ground.

A field on a snowy December day.

I really felt like I could reach up and grab a cloud.

Caution, low clouds.

Evidence of all sorts of wildlife was printed in the snow. Deer and small rodents were the most common. I managed to get within about ten feet of a whitetail deer before it exploded out of the brush and snow it had been bedded down in, I will admit I jumped. I took a half dozen pictures before it vanished from sight.

A retreating whitetail deer.

Birds were also out in force. I saw hawks, cardinals, ducks, a blue heron, and numerous small birds I could not identify. I was disappointed that I did not manage to get a picture of the heron, he was camera shy. The ducks I stalked for about half a mile to photograph.

Ducks in the distance.

The picture above is shot with a 300mm lens, so I am not very close to them. I would try to sneak closer and they would spot me and fly about 100 yards downstream. This happened over and over, until I finally crawled along a berm and managed to pop up behind a tree without being detected.

Mallard ducks socializing.

My camera must have moved a bit, for after taking just a few pictures I was spotted. The ducks took to the sky, flying upstream this time.

Mallard ducks take flight.

A fresh snowfall is quite beautiful. It is even more beautiful in a natural setting with plants, rocks, streams, and animals.

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Fireworks Photos

This evening I walked through the woods to an elevated field behind my apartment to watch the Central PA 4th Fest fireworks. I’m not a fan of fireworks. As they paint the sky in brilliant bursts of color I see money exploding. It pains me.

Tonight I decided to photograph the fireworks. That way they live on, providing a slightly better return on the investment.

I arrived at the field right as the fireworks were starting. Approximately 50 people were already there, and another 20 arrived during the show. Someone brought a radio, which was playing the music the fireworks were choreographed to. The view was nice, though I’m curious how the show would have looked from another angle. It seemed to me that too many of the fireworks overlapped and competed with each other. Maybe that wasn’t the case from other angles.

Here are a few shots I took:


One of my favorites, a sweet blue explosion.


White globes that exploded very fast.


This combo was very orange.


Part of the grand finale.


The grand finale continues. . .

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LIFE Magazine Photo Archives

If you ever have a few minutes to fill consider stopping by the LIFE Magazine website and take a look at the photo archives. You can run searches for keywords and specify the time period you are interested in.

I ran a search using the keyword baseball and the era of 1940-1950. The results are spectacular:

Richie Ashburn practices sliding during Spring Training in 1950.

Roy Campanella scores a run for the Dodgers in an October game in 1949 against the Phillies. The on deck hitter, the umpire, and many fans watch intently.

Satchel Paige sits on the ground, resting against a brick wall.

Players buying gloves from a vendor in 1948. No corporate sponsorships here.

And that is just the beginning. There are 581 images that fit this search criteria.

The amount of great pictures in the LIFE archive is amazing. Here is one last parting shot I found by searching the keyword Beatles in the early 1960s. Cassius Clay and The Beatles pose in a publicity shot in 1964. The champ seems to have flattened four musicians with one blow.

Old pictures are wonderful.

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