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A Saturday Campus Mosey

Today I had a few hours of work to do on campus. After I finished it up I decided to walk around campus and collect a few plant pictures. My collection of plant pictures has steadily grown over the past several years. No matter how many I take there are always more that I need. So today I decided to add to the collection.

Over the past couple of months I have noticed many rabbits on campus. They have blended in with the normal squirrel population. I decided to shoot a few today (with my camera, of course).


This rabbit seemed a bit paranoid.


Nice ears.


I wished that I had a carrot because this one was friendly.


This one took one look at me and ran away very quickly.

This fellow was guarding an abandoned loaf of bread.

This fellow was guarding an abandoned loaf of bread.

If I had wanted to I could have taken hundreds of pictures of rabbits and squirrels (and that is not an exaggeration). They were like political signs in November.

But furry critters were not my primary targets. I took many plant pictures, though I will exercise self control and only show you a few.

This is a shot of white oak gall, also known as hedgehog gall, on a white oak leaf. It looks pretty cool.

White oak gall (hedgehog gall)

White oak gall (hedgehog gall)

Here is a nice planting of Acorus (sweetflag). I love the texture of this plant. While tracing plant lineages can be controversial and contradictory, it is thought that Acorus is the earliest monocot we have left.

A planting of Acorus.

A planting of Acorus.

Echinaceae purpurea is called purple coneflower. Strangely enough there are white purple coneflowers. And here is proof.

A sea of white purple coneflowers at high tide.

A sea of white purple coneflowers at high tide.

As I walked past the HUB I noticed my reflection walking alongside me. And then there were two of me. The angles of the mirrored wall create a clone. I had to photograph this.

I always suspected there might be two of me.

I always suspected there might be two of me.


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Composition: A Thoughtful Photograph

When I am walking to and from campus I frequently encounter other humans. Many times they are walking in pairs.

Yesterday as I walked home I observed one of these pairs. For some reason the male had a knitted hat over his entire head, and the female had a hand on his elbow and was directing him. Strangely enough, the guy with the hat over his entire head was holding a camera. I figured they were eccentric.

Moments later I passed another pair that looked like this. Then another. Then another (and so on). It occurred to me that this must be a photography class.

I saw a woman standing beside the trail. As I approached she looked at me (a considerable amount of agitation on her face). “Did you dump your partner?”

“I’m sorry?” (I said this with a look of confusion on my face.)

It seems the instructor mistook me for one of her students. She suddenly became friendlier (and sheepish) and apologized.

As I continued walking I tried to figure out what the assignment had been. I think it must be an exercise in composition. The person who is not blindfolded must describe the scene exactly to the person who must photograph what they cannot see.

I’m going to try describing the next picture I take before I shoot it. . .

Has anyone participated in an exercise similar to this? Have I interpreted it correctly?

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Upon Closer Examination: Petals

I enjoy macro photography, though at the present time my macro photography equipment is lacking. Petals are of particular interest to me. Here are a few edited shots of petals (foxglove, daylily, and iris).

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Cacti and Orchids

Yesterday afternoon I took a few cacti portraits. I needed a few pictures that illustrated cacti features for a lab presentation today, and I’d much rather use my own pictures than the photos of others.

I wanted to get a macro shot of a cactus flower.


A cactus flower

Before I studied plants I never realized cacti flowered. That might sound pretty stupid, but it’s the truth. This shot would be much better if I had taken a tripod with me. There should be much more detail in the center of the flower (the androecium and gynoecium are not sharply in focus). Next time. . .

I also wanted a shot of glochids.



Glochids are small modified spines that are found on some cacti. They are the yellowish colored spines in the picture above. The brown part is an areole, the cream colored pointy things are spines. When I squint my eyes I see a daddy long-legger with a mohawk in desperate need of a suntan, but that’s just me.

I won’t subject you to the rest of my cacti pictures. But I did take a few shots of orchids while I was in the greenhouse that I’d like to share. Orchids are amazing.




With some plants, like a daylily for instance, I can process a spectacular flower quickly. The shape of the flower is predictable, so the color is the major variable to be accounted for. Orchids are different. They have many different intricate shapes and designs. And many of them have multiple colors or patterns on the sepals and/or petals.

Yes, flowers are definitely cool. In my book they rank right up there with cheesesteaks, baseball gloves, and guitars on my list of wonderful things.

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A Flower for the Day

Sometimes when there is snow on the ground and it’s cold outside I take a moment and browse through some of my plant pictures. This afternoon I found a couple of pictures I took  last May that I had intended to edit. I did the editing, and the result is this picture:


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