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Thanksgiving Dinner II

This afternoon Thanksgiving Dinner II occurred. It was the first time I have ever attended two Thanksgiving dinners in the same year. On Thursday my dad’s side of the family had their annual dinner, and today my mom’s side of the family had a dinner (which I don’t ever recall happening before at Thanksgiving, it’s usually an end of the year Christmas + New Years dinner). My parents hosted the party.

Today the spread was quite large. Turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn, greenbeans, salad, jello salad, and desserts (I’m probably forgetting something). On Thursday I gained four pounds; I suspect I packed on another four today.

Immediately following the meal Jon, Jordan, Zach, and I played a little tennis. I had not been on a court in more than two months . . . and it showed. It’s always fun to run around right after a large meal. 

Later in the afternoon Richard and Becca, Jon and Karrie, Sara, and I went to see Quantum of Solace at the Oaks Theatre. I really enjoyed it. I had heard numerous negative and mediocre reviews, so my expectations were low. I think Daniel Craig makes a great Bond.

After the film I headed back to my parents’ place to catch the end of the party. Things wrapped up by 9:00pm (that’s early, I guess the party spirit is in greater supply at Christmas/New Years).

This week has flown by. I have accomplished very little on my class work, research, and prep work for next semester . . . and I’m OK with that.


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Thanksgiving Dinner I

This morning I went on  bike ride with some pleasant folks from Schwenksville. It was sponsored by Tailwind Bicycle Shop. I think they are planning to make it an annual occasion. Twenty-six people showed up to ride. I met Jon, Karrie, and Zander there. Tailwind offered free rentals for the event, so I rode a sweet Gary Fisher hybrid that is worth more than three times as much as my Schwinn Ranger.

We rode on the Perkiomen Trail from Schwenksville to Collegeville and then back. The Perky Trail looks really good. Since I last traversed the trail It has been widened, some parts paved, and a bridge put in to allow the Perkiomen Creek to be crossed. It was a nice ride on a nice chilly morning. Going on a bike ride is a good way to prepare for a Thanksgiving dinner.

At 1:00 the Hoover Thanksgiving dinner kicked off. We had the usual turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoe-centric dinner. After lunch some of us went on a five mile walk, then we returned and ate another meal.

This evening I attempted to watch the second half of the Eagles’ game on the NFL website. The website has a lousy set up, however, so I really have not seen much of the game. Currently the Eagles are comfortably leading the Cardinals by a score of 48-20. Most of the time I have been looking at still shots reading a message that tells me that due to the high traffic on the site I am being placed in a waiting room until I can be connected to the live broadcast. At random times I get 20-30 seconds of the live feed, then suddenly I’m back in the waiting room.

I still stand by my earlier assessment of the Eagles. Tonight’s offensive outburst is great, but it is coming against the Arizona Cardinals. 

On Saturday Thanksgiving Dinner II happens. I think I might be hungry by Saturday afternoon . . . but right now that’s hard to imagine.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Approacheth

This year I have two Thanksgiving dinners to attend, one on Thursday and one on Saturday. I’ve been pondering what the best part of a Thanksgiving meal is. I’m talking exclusively about the food. What is the best?

I believe the players are turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. You can throw in miscellaneous salads and vegetables, but they are mere foils. Here are the grades:

Turkey: Apart from Thanksgiving my turkey consumption is limited to sliced turkey coldcuts. So roast turkey has a novelty factor in its favor. I’ll give the big chicken a solid B+.

Inquiring minds want to know if consuming turkey will really make you tired. Well turkey does contain a fair amount of tryptophan, which is an amino acid involved in the production of seratonin (a chemical linked to sleepiness). However, tryptophan works best on an empty stomach. If have eaten a considerable amount of food, the various amino acids compete and the production of seratonin is slowed. So if you eat a big meal and feel tired on Thanksgiving afternoon I’d blame overeating and being sedentary, not the poor bird. 

Stuffing: There are many kinds of stuffing. In my humble opinion the best style is the type baked separately from the bird. My grandmother makes a stuffing that contains oysters. It is the only “seafood” I can actually say I like (if you selected one hundred people off the street and had them do a taste test, not one of them would guess oysters were in it . . . unless they were allergic to them . . . in which case they would have a reaction . . . which would clue them in). I only have this style of stuffing at Thanksgiving, so the novelty factor is high. I give it an A.

Candied Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are all right. Alone they do not rank very highly on my list of foods. But some brilliant person thought of chopping sweet potatoes up coating them with caramelized brown sugar. Genius. From mediocrity to an A-.

Pumpkin Pie: I’ve never really appreciated pumpkin pie. If pies were presidents pumpkin pie would be Warren G. Harding. I give pumpkin pie a rather uninspiring C.

Thankfully my Thanksgivings are graced with a pumpkin pie alternative. My Aunt Rose makes a pumpkin roll that is spectacular. It has a pumpkin flavored cake-like layer with a creamcheese-based filling rolled up in it. It’s more like an Abraham Lincoln.

Conclusion: So my conclusion is that stuffing is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. It is also worth mentioning that turkey, stuffing, and gravy have a synergistic effect. The sum is greater than the parts.

So what’s your opinion? What is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner?

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