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Voices in My Head

Tonight I spent some time talking with friends. At one point the topic of conversation was humorous video clips. We discussed the Mobile Leprechaun,  the Turtle Man, and other videos. It made me think of a cartoon I saw recently that has been stuck in my head (I didn’t add this to the conversation at the time).

Anyway, here is the clip:

So those voices are totally stuck in my head right now. . .


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Singing About Life

A few months ago I found a cartoon music video featuring a song by Weird Al. I noticed it was more than eleven minutes long. Should I watch it? I decided to start it to see if it would hold my interest. I ended up watching the entire thing.

Later that week I began to narrate my life with songs of this nature.It is strangely addicting. . .

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I Suppose Snakes Don’t Wear Earrings

Last night it occurred to me that snakes probably would not appreciate earrings.



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