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Are Catalogs Going Extinct Soon?

When I receive a catalog in the mail it makes me marvel. Store catalogs and circulars seem very impractical, wasteful, and outdated to me. It’s been a long, long time since I purchased anything inspired by a catalog. I order many products from mail order companies, but I always browse products and place orders on the web. Despite this I receive a barrage of catalogs. Today two arrived in my mailbox.

It was a day for initials.

Considering the cost that goes into producing and shipping these catalogs I find it difficult to believe they are profitable. I wonder how much was invested to send me the two I received today and promptly threw into the garbage?

So my questions are:

1. Do you order things from catalogs?

2. How long do you think they will continue to exist?

When catalogs show up in my mailbox I think: Oh! There’s a Triceratops! And a Brachiosaurus! (I think they’re dinosaurs.)


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Strange Advertising

I read the Centre Daily Times online most days. There is a frequent advertisement from a local business establishment that delights me because it is so terrible. Take a look at this ad:


I can just imagine the marketing meeting. We need a snappy graphic to capture the essence of our company. Something youthful. Something classy. Something that demands attention. And then at the next meeting someone presents this:


With a sales pitch, of course: It’s a baby (youthful), wearing a top hat (classy), with a loaded diaper (demands attention). And to make it even better, when we use the image for online advertising we can put a link on the diaper that goes to our website! 

And everyone agreed.

These marketing people must work for the NHL.


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Enough About Them, Let’s Talk About You

The fashion in which companies advertise their merchandise fascinates me. Most commercials rely very little on logic, fairness, or common sense. The intended result is to take your money, not make you happy or improve your quality of life.

One current advertising campaign that I find rather hypocritical is the current Apple Macintosh series (Hello I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC) that features Justin Long.

Throughout the series the PC character is petty, negative, and dishonest. The message is that PCs are inferior and annoying. What makes this funny, is that Apple is creating a caricature of their rivals. In this process they are acting in the very manner for which they are condemning their rivals. At the end of one of these commercials I wonder: what did I learn about Apple computers?

I really dislike negative advertising.

Tell me about your product. If your product is good, let it speak for itself. Don’t undermine your integrity by attacking your rival.

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