Pringles Flavor Rankings (Updated: 10/14/2011)

This is my seriously subjective ranking of Pringles flavors. You might be thinking something along the lines of: whoa Ben, you must really like Pringles. The truth is I think I have an average appreciation for Pringles and an above average appreciation for rating and ranking things.

I’ve graded the flavors I’ve tasted and assigned them a 1-10 value for taste and aftertaste. My list currently contains 46 different flavors.

Pringles Flavor Reviews: A few thoughts on Pringles flavors

(AS = American Summer Series; CU = Cheez Ummms Series;  E = Extreme Flavor Series; FF = Family Faves Series; MG = Multi Grain Series;  RC = Restaurant Cravers Series).

In alphabetical order by flavor:

1. 4 Cheese (CU) = B+

Strong cheese flavor, with dominant cheddar tones. I noticed the Swiss cheese flavor in the aftertaste. A solid companion crisp.

2. All American BBQ = C+

I do not detect a difference between this and the regular Barbeque flavor. Since I am not a big fan of BBQ chips that does not bode well for these griller sidekicks.

3. Bacon Ranch = A-

If you add bacon to things it makes them better. Trust me. So a bacon flavored Pringle has to be a good thing. Unfortunately the bacon flavor is very subtle, so it doesn’t quite qualify for an A. It’s a good crisp though. The aftertaste is a bit smoky and bacony.

4. Barbeque = C+

My bias against barbeque flavored crisps causes me to rank this flavor in the southern regions of the list. It’s not bad, but I prefer barbecue sauce on meat, not potatoes.

5. Blazin’ Buffalo Wing (E) = B-

My first reaction to this flavor was this tastes like General Tso’s chicken. But that flavor lasts for about one second, then the buffalo wing comes through. If you like wings this might be a good flavor for you . . . I’m not a huge fan of wings. It’s nice as a novelty.

6. Cheddar & Sour Cream (CU) = A

Putting sour cream on a crisp is a good thing. On some days this might sneak into my top rating spot, for the combination of cheese and sour cream is quite good. This flavor grew on me.

7. Cheddar BBQ (FF) = B+

Barbecue sauce is good. Cheddar cheese is good. Putting them together is good. I’m usually not a fan of barbecue flavoring on things other than meat, but incorporating cheese makes it pretty good on a crisp.

8. Cheddar Cheese = B-

At first the taste is heavy on cheddar, but then the blue cheese aftertaste comes through. I’d avoid this flavor because better cheddar flavors are available (Cheesy Fries, Kickin’ Cheddar, White Cheddar Pop, Cheesy Cheddar).

9. Cheeseburger = B-

A crisp that tastes like a cheeseburger, sort of. I believe the regular cheeseburger flavor is the same as the Restaurant Craver series flavor with the same name.

10 . Cheeseburger (RC) = B-

If there are differences between this flavor and the regular Cheeseburger flavor they were too subtle for me to pick out. My friend Ryan proposed eating this flavor in conjunction with Screamin’ Dill Pickle Pringles for a true cheeseburger experience (and the pairing is quite good).

11. Cheesy Cheddar (MG) = B+

I find a multi grain crisp with plain cheddar flavoring superior to a traditional crisp with the same flavoring.

12. Cheesy Fries (RC) = A

I really like the mild cheese flavor and sour cream aftertaste of this crisp. It is a great companion to sandwiches. Taking a card from Budweiser, this crisp has eatability. What does that mean? I don’t know, but I do like to eat them so I think it applies.

13. Chili Cheese = B

This is a good flavor for the short term. It gets old pretty quickly, however, so that prevents it from securing a higher ranking. The flavor is exactly what you would expect, a mildly spicy chili and cheese taste with some of the spices dominating the aftertaste.

14. Chipotle Hot Sauce = C+

For a crisp with hot sauce in the name this flavor is not all that strong. The chipotle flavoring is subtle, and in some contexts could be very good, but it is not one of my favorites.

15. Creamy Ranch (MG) = B+

Another excellent multi grain crisp. This flavor was better than I anticipated it would be.

16. Dill Pickle (AS) = B-

Somewhat similar to the Screamin’ Dill flavor, yet with a less robust aftertaste.

17. Honey Mustard = A-

This is a great crisp to pair with a sandwich. The honey mustard flavor is not overpowering, but it is strong. I would compare the flavor to French’s Honey Mustard. There is a definite subtle sweetness to it.

18. Hoppin’ Horseradish (E) = F

The current champion of bad taste. Blech.

19. Hot & Spicy Wonton = C-

The most unique Pringles flavor I have tried. It really tastes like wonton. I like it as a novelty, but I would not eat it regularly.

20. Jalapeno = C

This crisp packs as much kick as the Extreme series chips (even more than Smokin’ Ranch). It has a very peppery taste followed by a peppery aftertaste (how’s that for descriptive?). If you like peppers this flavor is worth checking out.

21. Ketchup (Canadian) = C-

The first Canadian Pringles flavor I sampled. The chips are just like the crisps.

22. Ketchup (AS) = C-

I’ve had better ketchup flavored chips before.  This flavor is not one I’d eat very often.

23. Kickin’ Cheddar (E) = B+

At first you taste the cheddar flavor, then the kick comes in with a hot pepper aftertaste. The hot pepper and cheese pairing is a nice touch.

24. Kickin’ Guacamole (E) = B+

A slight improvement on Spicy Guacamole, with a bit more kick.

25. Lightly Salted = C

If you held an Original Pringle under running water for a minute, then dried it out, it would probably taste just like this flavor. The reduction in sodium is very noticeable.  If it is paired with other food or dips it is fine, by itself it tastes weak.

26. Loaded Baked Potato = B-

The presence of bacon in this flavor makes me appreciate it, but I wouldn’t call myself a big fan. It seems like there is too much going on in this flavor. You might want to think of it as artificial flavor mayhem.

27. Mexican Layered Dip (RC) = B-

This flavor wasn’t bad, it just didn’t impress me very much.

28. Mild Jalapeno Cheddar (CU) = B+

This flavor is very similar to Kickin’ Cheddar from the Extreme Series, though it is a bit milder. I rate them the same, though this flavor is a bit milder and the cheese more prevalent.

29. Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara (RC) = F

Mozzarella sticks are good. Marinara sauce is good. This flavor is not good. The crisps taste nothing like mozzarella cheese or marinara sauce.

30. Onion Blossom (RC) = D-

Onion Blossom is a travesty in a crisp. I almost threw away some of these crisps, I thought they were that bad. They do not taste anything like a Bloomin’ Onion from Outback Steakhouse. I’ve talked to people who really like this flavor, so you might want to give it a try yourself.

31.  Original = A-

Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics. The Original flavor holds up well.

32. Original Hot Sauce = C

Quite mild considering the name hot sauce is in the title, I’m not a big fan of the flavor. If you like the taste of hot sauce you might want to give this one a try.

33. Pizza = B-

This is the flavor formerly known as Pizzalicious. The flavor and aftertaste are somewhat similar to pizza sauce.

34. Ragin’ Cajun = B+

The spiciest flavor I’ve sampled. It’s a good crisp.

35. Ranch = B+

I suppose you could call this flavor boring, but it has merit. It is one of the more mild Pringles flavors. I thought the Smokin’ Hot Ranch flavor was bland, but this is even blander (blander totally does not feel like a real word to me, but my spellchecker approves of it). This flavor grew on me, I like its subtlety.

36. Salt & Vinegar = A-

It took me years to try this flavor. For some reason it always sounded bad. I was pleasantly surprised. This is best as a companion crisp in my book, not a stand alone. But it is very good with a sandwich, pizza, or chili.

37. Screamin’ Dill Pickle (E) = A-

I consider myself an ambassador for this flavor. Most people balk at the thought eating a crisp that tastes like a dill pickle. But it’s so good. Plus, the aftertaste resembles that of a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Try it, it might surprise you.

38. Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ (E) = B-

This flavor has some bite to it, the aftertaste burns just a bit. The initial flavor is very sweet.

39. Smokin’ Hot Ranch (E) = B+

I think this flavor is a bit bland. I think you can remove the smokin’ hot part and just call it ranch. It earned a “meh” from me. Not great, not bad . . .

40. Sour Cream & Onion  = A

The person responsible for sour cream and onion chips should have a monument and a national day of recognition. Enough said.

41. Sour Cream & Onion (MG) = A

The flavor is great, and I like the texture imparted by the multi grains. This one is a winner.

42. Spicy Guacamole = B+

This is a unique Pringles flavor; the crisps are green. While a green crisp makes me slightly uneasy, the taste is pretty good. The spiciness is quickly evident. Initially there is a slight taste of green pepper, but that quickly turns to an aftertaste that is dominated by guacamole and potato.

43. Taco Night (FF) = A-

This is a good stand alone crisp. It really captures the essence of taco seasonings in both the taste and aftertaste.

44. Torchin’ Tamale (E) = C-

I was not impressed with this flavor. It was not all that spicy and did not have a remarkable taste or aftertaste.

45. Truly Original (MG) = B+

This crisp has a coarse texture. The flavor is similar to Original Pringles, though it is a bit more complex due to the additional grains. A definite corn influence can be detected in the aftertaste.

46. White Cheddar Pop (FF) = B+

I was wary when I saw this cheddar popcorn flavored crisp, since I am not a fan of popcorn. But I found that I liked it. No popcorn influences are detectable, and the cheddar flavor is very smooth. I like it more than the regular cheddar flavor.


9 responses to “Pringles

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  2. My wife and I had a friendly disagreement tonight as to which was the second flavor of Pringles that came out (that is, the flavor that came out after “Original”). I say “Cheese-Ums”, she says “BBQ”. I have wasted an hour searching for an answer, and I can find plenty of lists of the flavors, but nothing regarding the order they came to market. Any “official” answer from anyone out there? Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Isn’t it amazing the things that come up in conversation, not to mention how much time you can kill on the internet? :-)

    • I’m not sure what flavor came out second. I would guess Sour Cream & Onion or Salt & Vinegar, but I really don’t know. I wonder if Proctor & Gamble has a timeline of Pringles development published anywhere?

    • It definitely was not BBQ. I grew up eating Pringles and sometime around 1984 they came out with 2 new varieties. Cheese and Sour Cream. I thought they came out at the same time but, if one came first it was probably cheese. By the way, the new Cheesetastic Pringles which supposedly have more cheese are not nearly as good as the regular ones they had. And Cheeseburger and Screamin Pickle are both awful although my 8 year old daughter loves the pickle ones. I combined cheeseburger and pickle thinking they would be a nice combo. but, two bad flavors don’t make a better flavor, it just made it worse. One flavor I haven’t seen yet…..Chocolate Pringles. Of course it sounds kinda’ gross but, come on, deny you wouldn’t try it. My guess is it would either be awful or a new sensation much like putting sugar and salt on popcorn and creating Kettle Corn!

  3. Ben Hoover

    You have got to be kidding me. This order needs some revision. The fact that Pizza is not top 5 makes me question how we ever got the same name. Im very disappointed.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, maybe my middle name is causing the problem =) I see the pizza flavored Pringles as a novelty. I can eat them once in a while, but they don’t have much staying power.

      And that’s the glory of Pringles. There is a flavor out there for everyone.

  4. Erik Bünger

    Cool site! Never seen anybody who rankes Pringles before:D
    I have a question, is it possible to buy any empty Pringles cans from you? I’m a collector from Sweden and I spotted the Cheeseburger taste here! Awesome ^^ Also the three American Summer tastes. Please respond either way. Thanks! /Erik

    • Hello Erik,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Are there any Pringles cans in particular that you are looking for? I don’t happen to have any on hand at the moment, but I can keep my eyes open. Some of the flavors I have listed in my rankings I do not see in stores very often here (and some have been discontinued, I think).


  5. Paul Garber

    I wish you were in a position to use your god-given gifts of organization and prioritization towards an end that helps humanity to maximize their health, growth & well-being, just like horticulturalists do with plants. Pringles. Hmm.

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