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Where Did This Music Video Come From?

Several weeks ago I saw a music video for the song Come On Back by the band FUSBI. When I saw it the first time I immediately thought it was a joke. So I decided to see who was behind it. And I discovered the video has no past. It just appears. I was unable to find any information regarding the band (be it a fictional band or real band). My searching also yielded no people claiming to be involved in the production.

Normally when someone goes to the trouble to craft a brilliant joke they take some sort of responsibility. The complete lack of ownership is making me wonder if the video was made with serious intent in the past and then forgotten,  only to be discovered and posted to YouTube by someone who found a copy of it.

This is not unheard of. The famously bad rendition of O Holy Night that became a viral hit was the result of an accomplished singer and musician messing around in an empty recording studio, trying to sing the worst possible rendition of the song. Unbeknownst to him a tape recording of his singing survived. It turned up years later.

Maybe that is the case with this music video? Here it is:

What’s your take on this? Or even better, do you know the story behind it?

Here are my thoughts for and against it being serious:

This Video is Totally Serious

  • No comedy troupe, comedian, or producer has taken credit for the video.
  • The electric guitar player seems deadly serious.

This Video is a Complete Joke

  • The vocals are so bad there is no way it could be a serious video.
  • The keyboard player is too happy.
  • The rhythm guitar player makes the ill-advised decision to take off his shirt. If this were a serious video someone would have stopped that.
  • The lead singer’s cheesy wink (at 1:18), the rhythm guitarist’s micro jump (at 2:20), and the keyboardists’ head nods (at 2:21) are too good to be true.

I’m Not Sure What this Means

  • The twenty dollar bill used in the video is from October 9, 2003 or later based upon its design.
  • The video quality is rather good for an amateur production, yet not completely professional. The sound recording is most definitely amateur.
  • The chord structure and melody of the song have potential. With proper recording and development this could have been a small time hit in the 1980s.
  • The lead guitar player has a big belt buckle.
  • There is no bass player in the band.
  • US flag do rag: fashion statement.

Here is my attempt to explain this amazing video (keep in mind this is purely fiction).

Jim, Bob, and Steve are middle-aged men living in a small American town. In the late ’70s and early ’80s they formed a small band and played at local bars on occasion. Jim wrote the songs and sang. Bob and Steve played guitars. Sometimes they recruited a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist to play with them. But those days are long gone.

One day during the summer of 2004 Jim attended a fundraiser for a charitable cause. The services of a local videographer were being auctioned off. Jim placed a bid. Jim won.

“I’m going to reunite the band and make a music video!” Thought Jim.

The guys got together and rehearsed a few times. They picked one of their old classics, Come On Back, as the song to be featured in the video. First they bribed Steve’s teenage son to help them make a demo recording of the song with Garageband.

Demo in hand they found a woman at the local mall to play Jim’s love interest in the video. They also recruited a guy they found at the mall to pose as the keyboard player, since Steve’s teenage son had played the keyboards in the recording but had no desire to appear in the music video. They tried to find a bass player at the mall but were unable to. Bob had played bass in the demo but he had also played lead guitar, and he felt the lead part would be cooler in the video.

At the studio the guys did their best to rock. Jim busted out a US flag do rag and pantomimed praying while holding the mic and even threw in a wink he had been practicing. Bob wore his best belt buckle and channeled the stoic rocker look. Steve wore a hat he found at the local thrift store because he thought it looked like something a rock star would wear. He also pulled off a sweet jump and then took his shirt off. The keyboard guy did his best to pretend to sing the words and play the keys.

When the story within the song was being filmed everyone was happy to discover the woman had a tattoo on her ankle. It make the video edgy.

After filming the audio and video were combined to create the final product.

Jim, Bob, and Steve gathered their families to show off the video. The video played. At first everyone was smiling, then someone laughed. Jim’s wife, a wise and practical woman, advised him to destroy the video. After some initial protesting it was decided to let the video sit for a month, then look at it again and make a decision.

During that month Steve’s teenage son burnt a copy of the DVD because he thought it was really funny.

After the month was up Jim, Bob, and Steve watched the video again and  saw the error of their ways. They destroyed the video. “Man, I’m glad no one will ever see that.” said Bob.

Five years later Steve’s son, now in his early twenties, found the video on an old external hard drive. He uploaded it to YouTube for the world to enjoy. Jim, Bob, and Steve still have no idea.

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Is the Humble Bee Population Declining?

Someone recently directed me to the Cyanide and Happiness web comic. I think this post is rather funny:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

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Intimidating Ants

Over the past several years I have occasionally encountered a Camponotus pennsylvanicus (Carpenter ant) in my apartment. I usually confront the ant, leading an exchange like this:

Me: How’s it going?
Ant: Not bad, not bad.
Me: Hey this is kind of awkward, but if I see you in here again I’m going to kill you.
Ant: What?
Me: You guys are free to hang out in the walls if you want to, but my living space is off limits.
Ant: OK, cool. I guess I didn’t understand the rules. Sorry about that.
Me: I’ll forgive you once. Tell your friends.

And then I would go weeks without seeing an ant.

This week the ants became restless. It all started when an exterminator visited one of my neighbors. I suspect whatever happened in that apartment caused a mass exodus of ants.

I warned the first ant I saw on Tuesday. Instead of disappearing he returned with friends a few hours later. By the end of the day 18 ants died in my apartment. On Wednesday I killed another 10 by 10am.

Obviously a change in tactics was needed. I decided to try intimidation before pesticides. I posted a sheet of paper in a highly visible location with the tally of fallen ants. I got the idea from movies that show port cities hanging the bodies of pirates or posting signs with depictions of executed pirates by the docks to warn pirates to stay away.

It has now been 48 hours and I have not seen another ant. Coincidence? Maybe ants are smarter than we thought?

Be afraid ants. Be very afraid.

Be afraid ants. Be very afraid.

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Voices in My Head

Tonight I spent some time talking with friends. At one point the topic of conversation was humorous video clips. We discussed the Mobile Leprechaun,  the Turtle Man, and other videos. It made me think of a cartoon I saw recently that has been stuck in my head (I didn’t add this to the conversation at the time).

Anyway, here is the clip:

So those voices are totally stuck in my head right now. . .

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Singing About Life

A few months ago I found a cartoon music video featuring a song by Weird Al. I noticed it was more than eleven minutes long. Should I watch it? I decided to start it to see if it would hold my interest. I ended up watching the entire thing.

Later that week I began to narrate my life with songs of this nature.It is strangely addicting. . .

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