New Chapters and a Visit

Life is not boring. I’m reminded of that frequently. This is an exciting season of life. Pam and I are expecting a visit from our friendly neighborhood stork in mid-February. We’ve been preparing to be a family of three.

The beginning of spring training seems like a good time to be born. I’ve been keeping the baby up to date on MLB collective bargaining and roster moves.

My personality causes me to ask questions and be introspective when I am about to face something new. It’s amazing how much I do not know. One of my recent tasks was compiling a list of things I want to resolve before the baby arrives. What temperature (and for what duration) requires a visit to the doctor? How careful do I need to be about potential allergens? At what decibel levels should young ears be protected? How early should I start building my child’s botanical Latin vocabulary? And on and on. . .

What a fun new chapter of life!

Speaking of chapters, the fall quarter is winding down at Cal Poly. I have one more final exam to give on Friday, then commencement on Saturday morning. This fall I built Plant Materials II, which focused on woody angiosperms. I’m happy with how it went. It’s been a while since I built a class from the ground up–it was a lot of work. Now I have a strong foundation to build on. I’m already looking forward to the improvements i can make next year. I’ll be building Plant Materials I in the spring, which will cover palms, conifers, vines, and herbaceous plants. I’m guessing building a class with a new baby in the house will be a challenge.

One last question, does anyone know if it is customary to tip the stork?



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2 responses to “New Chapters and a Visit

  1. Hope

    Congratulations on your little bean. My advice is you don’t need a lot of stuff. Have diapers,wipes, burp cloths, and cute clothes.oh,and a car seat.
    So… last week I ‘discovered’ the Cal Poly Arboretum. Is it true that it is going to be leveled for new housing? Thank you

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