The Spring Quarter Draws to a Close

Final Exam week is this coming week at Cal Poly. As the academic year winds down I am planning my summer. I have many things to accomplish and do, yet I also want to recharge.

In the spring quarter I’ve run a few experiments that are repeats from last summer. The char effects appear relatively consistent with the ones I saw last summer, so one of my summer projects is to see if I can develop a manuscript from this data.

Ajuga Photo

Ajuga cutting rooting responses to char treatments (bar = 1 cm).

I’ve been adding to my large collection of plant pictures in preparation for teaching Plant Materials I and II in the 2016-2017 academic year. One of my summer goals is to create the framework for the class and fill in as much as I can. Building the class will make the fall and spring extra busy, but I’m excited about the opportunity to do it. Recently I was walking through the Leaning Pine Arboretum and I saw several monarch butterfly larvae on an Asclepias.


One of the future monarch butterflies munching on Asclepias.

Back in March Pam and I went camping in Big Sur. It was a fun trip. We were nestled in among the coast redwoods, with amazing numbers of wild irises around us.


Our campsite in the forest.


An exquisite iris in the forest.


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