A Spring Update

The spring is a busy season of life. I’ve had many times that I’ve thought I should write a blog post about this but lacked the time. Some of the things that almost got a post: the 2016 NCLC Team trip to Mississippi, the Tomato Mania sale, various plant pictures, political discourse, baseball strategy (particularly bunting), and today the FFA State Finals (and they’ll get a brief mention).

Today the FFA State Finals were held at Cal Poly. I am the faculty advisor for the Nursery and Landscape Competition, so I’ve been working on staging this contest for the past few months. It went relatively well, though there was a glitch with one of the judging contests that I’m not happy about. But now I can close the books on FFA until early 2017, when planning for the next contest will begin. I showed up on campus well before 7am this morning to ensure I was ready for the start of the event. After I parked my car I was gathering things to begin walking and a van pulled into the parking lot. The Eye of the Tiger was blasting over the speakers. At the conclusion of the song the doors slid open and the contestants poured out. It made me laugh.

Now that the bulk of my extra service activities (NCLC, Tomato mania, and FFA) are wrapped up for the year I can focus on other things. I have one manuscript close to submission. My goal is to have it submitted before the end of the academic year. A second manuscript will be written over the summer.

Over the summer I’ll be preparing to take over Plant Materials I and II (taught in two quarters) next academic year. It will be a large undertaking, but I’ll enjoy it. I have  a mountain of hours to put into preparing that class, but I need to generate publications to keep my job . . . so I need to prioritize.



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