A Few Quick February Thoughts

Things have been busy. Here are a few quick notes on this February 5th evening:

The Cal Poly Performing Arts Center

This year Pam and I are season ticket holders at the PAC. So far we’ve seen the Cal Poly Symphony Fall Concert, Riverdance, The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, and Cameron Carpenter. We also went to Bach in the Mission last month. Having the arts be so accessible is one of the things I love about working at a university.

The Winter Quarter

I have a full winter quarter, but so far it has been great. I’m teaching Experimental Techniques and Analysis (lectures and two labs) and Nursery Crop Production (lectures and one lab). I’m also getting the Cal Poly National Collegiate Landscape Competition team ready to travel to Mississippi in March (I’m also getting travel details in order, writing the proposal to fund part of the 2017 team, and fundraising for the team). The Tomato Mania project is also starting, and I have a very good team this year (sales dates will be April 8 and 9). I’ve been trying to develop my teaching methods manuscript, which has been slow going so far (but I remain optimistic).

The Presidential Election

I’ve been following the primary campaigns, though I find them tiring. There are times when I am convinced that I am watching a movie–some of the candidates seem too far fetched for reality. Politics are like lane reductions on the highway. When I see the decisions people make and their inability to work together it raises my blood pressure. At this point I do not know who will get my vote. . .

The Return to Music

I’ve been playing bass guitar at Coastal Community Church for the past few months. It has been fun to work with a band again. I had Seymour Duncan Blackouts installed in my Washburn Bantam, which was a major pick-up upgrade. Next weekend I’ll be leading the music at CCC for the first time (with my Martin, not a bass). It has been fun to plan a set-list again–it had been a long time. I have layers of musical rust and a conspicuous lack of calluses on my fingers.

Baseball is in the Air

I’m looking forward to Spring Training. The Phillies will have a rebuilding year, but I am okay with that. Just the thought of seeing a full year of Franco is enough to make me smile.


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