December Travels

In December Pam and I traveled east to spend Christmas with family and friends. Our first stop was in Pittsburgh, PA. We spent a couple of lovely days with Renee, Kylie, and Siena. I failed to get a picture of all of us, but here are a few from our time there:

We drove from Pittsburgh to Montgomery County. In a very sudden modification to our plans, we took the northern route. This allowed us to stop by the Boyer Candy Outlet (Mallo Cups!) and do a very fast drive through State College. I gave Pam the fast tour of the town and campus and we were back on the road.

Back in the eastern part of the Keystone State we had a whirlwind week. We went to Lancaster. I showed Pam Amish country, we went to a quilting store, we ate at a Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbord, and we sampled good stuff like shoo fly pie and whoopie pies. We had meals and conversations with family–times to treasure. The Christmas festivities were rich and happy. During the visit Pam and I stayed with Richard, Rebecca, Madeleine, and Oliver. It was very fun to catch up, share meals, and read books together.

On the way out of town we stopped in Philly to visit Geno’s and Pat’s for cheesesteaks with my parents and Hannah. Pam had not had an authentic Philly cheesesteak before then, so i thought it was appropriate to give them both a try.

Our journey back to the Central Coast took longer than was expected. Weather complications left us stranded in San Francisco for the night. That led to an unexpected visit with Chris, Esther, Liam, and Aleksey. It was a nice cap on the end of our trip.

I’m grateful to have so many wonderful people to share life with. Here’s to 2016!


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