An Engagement Anniversary on the Beach

IMG_2904Last year on Pismo Beach under the stars I asked Pam to marry me. As I recall I played it rather cool, all composed and stoic. I even have a picture to prove it. Okay, so I might have smiled just a little bit.

Pismo Beach has hosted all sorts of fun and good memories for us. We go to soak up the sun, play beach games, hit the water, or stroll along the coast. When family and friends visit us we always take them to Pismo Beach.

A few months after getting engaged we returned to Pismo Beach for engagement photos.


I decided to walk our path along the beach and visit our engagement site tonight, on the one year anniversary. Though Pam and I are on different continents right now, it was good to remember that evening. I’m so happy we have each other. Life has been richer and fuller with her. I took some photos as I walked and reminisced.





Silent harmony,
Separate but combined,
The lovers quietly embrace.

Impaired sight,
Heightens the effect
Of a gentle caress.


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