Post Wedding: Hiding in the Poconos

When life provides an opportunity to escape to a refuge of peacefulness and shut out stresses and distractions it is wise to seize that opportunity. After the wedding Pam and I headed north to spend some time in the Pocono Mountains. We stayed in Dingmans Ferry, by the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The area has a fascinating history. It also has Dingman’s Ferry Bridge, which is one of the last privately owned toll bridges in the United States. We paid $1.00 to the toll collector standing in between the bridge lanes on our trips over and back.

Our little cabin in the woods was a glorious retreat. And it had a hot tub. On the first morning we had a black bear on our deck welcoming us to the forest–I wish I had taken some pictures.

The back side of a small cabin, with a hot tub on the deck.

The little cabin we rented.

During our stay we played games (Jaipur, Morels, Canasta, Qwirkle), and an interesting trend emerged. Games that required a running score had a scoresheet (which may be seen in the photo below). Our titles were Wife and Husband on this scoresheet. And it just so happened that the Husband won every single game that was documented on the scoresheet, while the Wife won every single game that was not documented on the scoresheet. Our sample size was too small to determine any significance to this, but it made for an interesting trend (and one I will be watching).


The Delaware Water Gap area has forests with streams and rocks, which translate to waterfalls. We spent some time hiking trails and taking in the beautiful scenes.

Fulmer Falls.

Fulmer Falls.

Deer Leap Falls.

Deer Leap Falls.

Someone kept photobombing my pictures.

Deer Leap Falls Photobomb

While we were hiking to Dingman’s Falls we saw two beavers in the stream. They were working on lodge and dam construction.

A beaver floats in the water while chewing on sticks.

The variation in waterfall size and shape kept things interesting. Photos fail to do justice to most of them. Also missing are the glorious sounds of falling water and the forest. I enjoyed seeing all the mountain laurels, rhododendrons, hemlocks, beeches, partridge berries, and ferns in the forest. Everything was so green!

Silver Thread Falls.

Silver Thread Falls.

Dingman’s Falls has layers of rocks. This picture makes it look small.

Dingman's Falls.

Dingman’s Falls.

Above Dingman's Falls.

Above Dingman’s Falls.


Adam's Creek.

Adams Creek.

At Adams Creek one of us might have decided to go swimming in a secluded pool, while the other was reluctant.

Adam's Creek.

Adams Creek.

Adams Creek Falls is an impressive area. When we arrived at the falls a group of people were cliff jumping into the pool. I had to carefully maneuver to take a picture without humans in it.

Adam's Creek Falls.

Adams Creek Falls.

Adam's Creek Falls.

Adams Creek Falls.

It was a delightful time in a delightful place. The days flew by, and all too soon we were packing up and leaving. Life has many seasons and chapters, it is nice to savor the sweet ones.


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