Opening Day 2014

I love MLB Opening Day. My love for Opening Day makes me despise some of the things that detract from it. I wish it started with an afternoon game in Cincinnati. I think the international opening series that preceded it is sad. I don’t like Opening Night (which occurs the night before Opening Day). And  I think interleague play is terrible–and even worse on Opening Day. But I love baseball.

The Phillies won their opener in Texas today. I continued my Opening Day tradition of High Life and hot dogs.

The 14-10 win featured offensive fireworks. The Phillies line-up had been shut out in three consecutive Spring Training games to end the exhibition season.  Any reasonable Phillies fan feels some concern about the offense this year. To see the team click and score runs was a delight. In addition to scoring a bunch of runs, the Phillies did many small things well today. They ran the bases with intelligence. They threw to the right bases. They fielded balls cleanly. It was good to see.

Cliff Lee’s start was the most alarming part of the day. His command did not seem sharp. Hopefully it’s a fluke and better things are to come. The fact that he picked up a win for his efforts shows just how meaningless the win statistic is.

Last season involved dreaming about getting back to .500 and looking at the games back column of the standings too often. It’s good to be at the top, even if it’s a brief stay.

As a closing note, I thought Jamie Moyer and Matt Stairs did a good job as commentators today. I’m sure they’ll get better. I really like the consistency in the booth during a game, it is better than the commentator shuffle the Phillies have had on television broadcasts the past several years.


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