Hiking and Music: A Good Saturday

Last week Saturday was a day to remain indoors–I did not set foot outside all day long. This week Saturday was different. Pam and I hiked Bishop Peak in the early afternoon. It was sunny and breezy, perfect hiking weather. At the top we savored the views. It is very exciting to see the green tones returning to the California landscape. A little rain makes  a large difference.

View of San Luis Obispo on a bright day.

A panorama from Bishop Peak.

My view of SLO with Pam beside me.

Sharing the view from Bishop Peak.

After the hike it was off to the next adventure. We went to the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on the Cal Poly campus and heard the San Luis Obispo Symphony. The show was titled “Out of this World” and featured works by Debussy and Holst. My favorite piece was Holst’s “Jupiter.”

In the PAC before the show began.

In the PAC before the show began.

It was a good Saturday.

Oh, I almost forgot, I had a two pound carnitas burrito for lunch-dinner. It was that kind of day.


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