The Closing Notes of January

I’ve been happy and busy lately.

One of my work tasks right now is teaching a class focused on experimental design and analysis, with an emphasis on agriculture and horticulture. I’ve enjoyed the class, but it has been taking a lot of time. We’re about to inspect data sets and run t-tests in lab this week. This means I’ve been playing around with data handling. I’ve decided to use Excel for the class as much as possible, since that is software most of my students will have access to after graduation (while statistical software will likely not be readily available to most of them).

I've never collected a real data set that looked this pretty.

I’ve never collected a real data set that looked this pretty.

On another note, last night I was thinking about life. And I was feeling very blessed. It a wonderful thing to find someone whose presence and absence is felt acutely. In a previous chapter of life I wondered if it was worth voluntarily putting myself in a place where the loss of someone would cause pain. My verdict then was that loving in this fashion is the only acceptable way to live. Some losses may be crippling, but the temporary losses are fleeting. In fact, momentary separation makes the reunion all the sweeter. Just like experiencing the chill of winter for a moment makes basking in the warmth of a fire all the more glorious.

I think of these things in a chapter of life that entails work-related separations and reunions. It is one thing to wait for the unknown. It is another thing to wait for the known with a date circled on the calendar.

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