Baseball Thoughts in January

In January the baseball season feels far away. It is a bit less pronounced in a moderate climate compared to a colder climate. I suspect yearning for baseball combines with desire for warm weather.  Today it was 82 °F in SLO, so warmth was not an issue. This off-season has been eventful. Here are a few thoughts:

  • I was very surprised to see Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews removed from the broadcast booth for the Phillies. Wheeler was the last voice from the Phillies games of my childhood. I’ll miss him. I hope he retains a role in game broadcasts. Thanks for all the memories, Wheels. I’m curious to see who gets hired as the new commentator. My bet is Ricky Botallico.
  • The recent stories about Alex Rodriguez are not flattering. I used to defend A-Rod from time to time. That will not happen any longer. His use of performance enhancing drugs and dishonesty is now very obvious. I would like to see someone combine footage of all his outright lies and denials about the drug use over the years. I bet there are hours of footage.
  • It is great to see Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine go into the Hall of Fame in the same class. I respect both of them very much. Frank Thomas is the first HOFer that I can say I remember his entire career, rookie to induction.  This makes me feel old.
  • Mike Zagurski was signed by Cleveland recently. I hope he has a bounce back year.
  • I’m very interested to see what happens with Nelson Cruz. Will anyone give him a respectable offer? I think his value has plummeted.

I’m ready for Spring Training.


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