Anticipation and Transit

December has been full of things to anticipate (and then savor).

The pool at Hearst Castle.

Today I spent the day in transit:

* When I am on a plane I wonder about my fellow passengers. What stories have converged in this flying metal tube? Today I did not hear many stories, though I observed some.

* I saw someone knitting during a flight today. I found it interesting that during the take off and landing everyone had to stash their carry ons and personal items–yet the giant spiky things were not a problem. This led me to wonder how many fatalities have occurred in auto accidents or plane accidents due to knitting needles.

* When a pilot starts off communication with passengers with “Sorry folks . . .” it’s not a good sign. This time it meant a delay before take off to wait on a report containing weather information. Thankfully both my first flight and connecting flight were delayed, so I managed to make both of them. That means it was the first time I have flown through SFO and made my intended connecting flight.

* On this day I was very happy to trade 80 °F and sunny for 30 °F and snowy.


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