Butterflies and Goats: A Sunday in November

Today was full of conversations, butterflies, goats, and good food. I did not wake up this morning and think I’m going to see a surfing goat today, but I did see a surfing goat today. It’s nice when life’s unexpected surprises take on the form of surfing goats.

I’ve heard good things about the Monarch Butterfly Grove at Pismo Beach. Monarch butterflies from west of the Rocky Mountains spend the winter on the Central Coast. I read this past week that approximately 34,000 were at the Pismo Beach grove. How could you resist seeing 34,000 butterflies?

Most of the butterflies were clustering in the eucalyptus trees. With their wings closed they looked like leaves.

Clusters of monarch butterflies looking like leaves.

Clusters of monarch butterflies looking like leaves high up in a eucalyptus tree.

One monarch butterfly was hanging out on a tropical milkweed on a table the docents at the grove had set up. The docent thought it might be dead. But it wasn’t dead yet (I saw its leg move).

A close up shot of a monarch butterfly.

A not-dead monarch butterfly on display.

The docents also had a caterpillar on display. One of the little larva’s rear tentacles was bent.

A bright caterpillar on a leaf.

A monarch caterpillar on display.

A few months ago I read an article in the local paper about a guy who brings his goats to the beach to surf. Today they were hanging hooves at Grover Beach.

A surfing goat preparing to catch a wave.

A surfing goat preparing to catch a wave.

goats riding a wave on a surfboard.

Just another day in California.

The goats were not exactly technically sound surfers, but I must admit this: they have more surfing chops than me.

May life throw you a surfing goat today (or some other pleasant surprise).


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