Fatigue: Welcomed or Warred Against

I’ve been thinking about fatigue*. Depending upon the situation fatigue may be a good or bad thing. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being tired at the end of the day. It’s the type of feeling that lets me know I worked or played hard enough to wear myself out. In this sense the fatigue is almost comforting.

When fatigue overstays its welcome and shows up with my alarm, then I am not so comforted. Then I despise fatigue and seek to destroy it. The same goes for afternoons in the office, when the computer screen sings its textual lullaby and I desperately want to put my head on my desk. In the morning I fight back with tea (usually black, but sometimes green). In the afternoon I resort to chocolate. All in the name of feeling alert.

So I guess I should be happy about fatigue. Sometimes I get to embrace it and rest, which is good. And other times I fight it, and the fight leads to glorious things like Earl Grey and chocolate.

Yes, simple physical weariness is not so bad. The fatigue that is based on weariness of the soul or spirit–that is not so easily vanquished. The mental tea and truffles are conversations, books, and prayer. Somehow I find it easier to eat chocolate when I’m tired than pray–that’s something I should work on.

* The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines fatigue as: “the state of being very tired : extreme weariness.”


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