Persimmons: A Call for Recipes

Right now I have several persimmons sitting on my kitchen table. My landlord has a fruitful persimmon tree, and I am a beneficiary. I have no recollection of ever eating persimmons before. Thus, I do not know what to do with these berries. They are the type that looks like a slightly flattened tomato (the sweet ones, I’m told).

So dear reader, I ask you to ask not what this blogger can do for you, but rather what you can do for this blogger. Do you have any persimmon recipes to recommend? (Even a suggestion about the type of dish or convection would be helpful in lieu of a recipe–I can search for a recipe on the internet.)

I must reveal that my schedule is so full right now I might not be able to bake or cook anything with them, so this might be all for naught–but I’m still curious about how persimmons might be used.




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4 responses to “Persimmons: A Call for Recipes

  1. Leslie Wilson

    We always just eat them straight. Just cut them up, remove the peel, and eat away. I have had some bad experiences with not fully ripe persimmons – one bite and it totally dries out your mouth. I’m curious how others prepare them too!

  2. Rebecca

    Definitely wait until it looks rotten to eat it. Delicious sliced like a tomato, sandwiched with some brie and prosciutto, then grilled. Add some arugula before eating. Yum. Or if your not in the savory mood, they are also good diced with some plain greek yogurt and a smattering of granola.

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