Hiking Bishop Peak (Again)

Today I spent part of the day working on campus. After making progress on grading and lesson planning I decided to drop everything and hike Bishop Peak. I last hiked it on Christmas Day (I wrote about it here). This time I parked by Foothill Boulevard and took the steep trail up the peak. Parts of this trail feel more like mountain climbing than hiking. I enjoy the roughness of the Bishop Peak trail–it’s much more interesting than the Cerro San Luis trail.

The trail winding up the side of Bishop Peak.

The trail winding up the side of Bishop Peak (not the steep part).

When I reached the end of the trail I photographed my car. The series of photos below shows the scope of my lens. In the top photo  (18mm) my car is too small to be visible, but the last photo (300mm) you can tell which car it is in the parking lot (6th from left). Also, note the tiny people in bright shirts starting up the trail.

A distant car.

A distant car.

At various points the trail is lined with barbed wire. It might save your life, but it will mess you up in the process. I’m not sure if it is there to catch falling hikers or prevent adventurers from going off trail.

Here for your protection?

Here for your protection?

Once again I did not climb up onto the boulder at the very peak. I saw one hiker on the summit accidentally drop his water bottle–the end of that water bottle.

The very top of the peak.

The very top of the peak.

As I started back down the trail I ventured out to an overlook that provided a good view of San Luis Obispo. I stood there and soaked in the scene for a few minutes. I enjoyed sitting there and looking at the peaks and ridges that were visible and realizing how many of them I have climbed or hiked.

A panorama of SLO.

A panorama of SLO (Cerro San Luis is on the right).

This was my first hike of the quarter, albeit a short one. It was good to spend some time on a trail again.


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