The Fremont Theater

fremont1Tonight after work I  walked to the Fremont Theater. When most people go to theaters they watch movies. I settled for photographing the building. The neon sign at the theater has caught my eye on numerous occasions, and on one of those occasions I vowed to return with my camera. 

The Fremont Theater opened on the eve of the U.S. entry into World War II (at least that’s what Wikipedia told me).

I’ll return to the Fremont Theater as a paying customer sometime before too long. This is saying something–I still haven’t been to a theater since moving to California (the last movie I saw in a theater was Thor at the now non-existent dollar theater in State College, I think that was 2011).

Sitting right next to the theater is a great little restaurant called Buona Tavola that specializes in Northern Italian food. 



I walked by Court Street. It’s one of my favorite places in downtown SLO because it always seems alive without being overwhelming.

Court Street in the evening.

Court Street in the evening.

As I was walking along a sidewalk a middle-aged couple walked past me in the other direction. As they went by I heard a snippet of conversation: “I like this town; I wish we lived here.”


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