November Underway

I really like 25 hour days. When the end of Daylight Saving Time rolls around I’m happy to fall back.  I’ve been scrambling to stay caught up this quarter, so the added time was nice.  Last night when I turned in I did not set an alarm for the morning–which was wonderful (even though I received a 5:30am text message that served as a wake up call).

The World Needs More Blank Greeting Cards

When I am shopping for a card I am drawn to cards with no writing. At times I’ll accept the copywriter’s words, but usually I’m in the market for paper and graphic design–I’ll supply the words. It can be very difficult to find blank cards. Today I visited two stores and found exactly zero blank cards that met my approval. Someone please design and market simple cards with landscapes, plants, animals, or artwork on the fronts and blank space inside. Thank you.

Zip Code Roulette

Today I filled out a form. Part of the form requested a zip code. My first two attempts were former zip codes. Every once in awhile the library of zip codes from the different places I have lived get mixed up. I wonder why particular codes come to mind first in given situations? At least I know where I am.

Touch Typing

I never formally learned to type. After years of using keyboards I developed my own system, which I call The Rabid Chicken. I can type 40-50 words per minute using this technique. I use all my fingers, but I do not adhere to a set home position. This means frequent visual contact with the keyboard is required. I have often wished I could touch type.

Early in October I added the Type Fu  application to Chrome. I’ve spent a few minutes doing typing drills most days since then. I can now find all letters in the dark, but my speed is very slow compared to the trusty Rabid Chicken. I am hoping to fully convert to conventional typing sometime soon, but a lifelong habit is tough to break.



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2 responses to “November Underway

  1. Leslie Wilson

    Totally agree about the greeting cards! We sometimes will order our own blank cards with our own photos to have on hand. Or we just mount photos on blank cards. Pre-written cards often say things that we would NEVER say!

    • That’s a good idea–I might select some pictures and get cards printed. Years ago Target stocked a line of cards that had a bright, close-up picture of a flower on the front and nothing written inside. I thought I bought enough of them to keep the company that produced them in business–but I guess I didn’t.

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