You Blink and then October is Gone

We’re in week 6 of the fall quarter at Cal Poly, marking the halfway point. Yesterday I got caught up on my grading, and for a brief moment I had no crisis to distract me. It was nice. I have an avalanche of papers set to arrive this week, so the relief was only temporary.

During the course of my days events happen or thoughts cross my mind that prompt me to think: I should write a blog post about this. But by the time I get home from work I’m too tired or I can’t bear to look at a computer screen.

Random Notes:

* I picked up some cider and rum at trader Joe’s over the weekend. Tomorrow night I will drink hot, spiced cider.

* I’ve watched World Series games when my work schedule has allowed it. Every time (and it’s frequent) that I hear this line: “Talk to your doctor about Viagra, 20 million men already have.” I think to myself: How does my doctor find time to listen to 20 million men talk about their erectile dysfunction?

* It rained in SLO today! This was very exciting.

* During a 7 day stretch I was approached by two people with automotive difficulties in Cal Poly parking lots.

* I read recently that the smallest known adult dog is a Chihuahua that stands 3.5 inches tall.

* Soccer matches are better attended than football games here at Cal Poly. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


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