A Little Autumn Therapy

Since I arrived in California I have felt like I am living out Groundhog Day. From a weather perspective every day is the same. There are only so many ways you can say sunny with a high of 78 degrees. The moderate temperatures and morning fog attempt to mask the viciousness of the lack of rain. It has been seven or eight months since we got respectable precipitation here. The earth is parched. Only the toughest or most pampered plants are green, the rest have turned toasty brown. And there are no brilliant fall colors.

I miss the brilliance of autumn. Camus said: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” That’s true in some places, though not here. Leaves are either green or fried.

Tonight I spent some time looking through autumn pictures I took on the East Coast in the past.

A maple tree with bright red leaves on a sunny fall day, with Penn State dormatory buildings in the background.

A red maple on the Penn State University Park campus.

Poison ivy leaves that are a brilliant orange, red, and yellow.

Poison ivy can be very pretty.

Golden yellow leaves mottled with brown spots.

Sassafras showing how brown tone can mix with bright yellow tones to create something beautiful.

A striking maroon colored leaf with white hairs.

A hirsute oakleaf hydrangea leaf.

A close up of two maple leaves, a red leaf and a yellow leaf.

Red and yellow maple leaves.

Yellow leaves with orange highlights.

Fothergilla in the fall.

Two leathery green leaves with red and orange coloration overtaking the green.

A Dart’s Duke viburnum starting to show different colors.


A small shrub with some leaves that are bright red and orange.

A Mohawk viburnum in its fiery fall glory.

Yes, I miss the fall.

On the bright side it should rain here soon–and that means everything will suddenly turn green again.



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2 responses to “A Little Autumn Therapy

  1. Juan José Rodríguez S.

    . . . nice aid to attempt to identify a tagless Viburbum, Benjamin; thank you, pax, Juan José

  2. Anonymous

    You’re reminding me winter ends here and autumn is just beginning. T.M

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