The MLB Postseason

Autumn is a delightful time of year. The air is crisp and cool. Pumpkins are harvested in all their orange glory. Leaves go out with a party, changing from low key green to flashy demonstrations of their true colors. Spiced cider chases away the chill. And right in the middle of all that sits the baseball play-offs.

I put together my hierarchy of rooting for this postseason:

1. Oakland Athletics: The A’s are close by, and they might be moving ever closer if the San Jose deal goes through. If I’m going to adopt a California team it will be the A’s.

2. Detroit Tigers: The city of Detroit has had a rough time recently, maybe a title would help.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers: Yasiel Puig has been one of the best stories in MLB this year. A huge postseason would only add to the legend. Plus, the longer the Dodgers play the more Kershaw we all get to see. And if I can make a request, I’d like Nick Punto to emerge as the gritty World Series MVP after hitting three walk off pinch hit home runs.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates have waited a long time to reach the postseason. It’s a shame the ride ended in the NLDS.

5. Cincinnati Reds: I hoped to watch Bronson Arroyo in the postseason.

6. Boston Red Sox: Shane Victorino is the man.

7. Atlanta Braves: I’m glad Jayson Heyward made it back for the play-offs. Sunday was a tough day for Atlanta.

8. Cleveland Indians: The Indians got red hot at the end of the regular season. I must admit I thought Texas was going to edge them out in the Wild Card race.

9. Tampa Bay Rays: I didn’t want to see World Series games played at Tropicana Field (worst ballpark in MLB).

10. St. Louis Cardinals: I still carry some resentment from the 2011 NLDS.


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