A Few Random Thoughts

Two weeks into the fall quarter and this rat race seems to be featuring rats with the speed of Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, and Asafa Powell. Here are a few random thoughts, because I don’t have time for much more right now.

Opening Picture Frames

I learned something about opening a picture frame with a scissors. If you buy a large picture frame shrink-wrapped in plastic, and the front of that frame is covered with plastic instead of glass, flip the frame over and cut the plastic wrapping on the back of the frame. I cut from the front side and in the process made a scratch on the plastic covering. I’l never make that mistake again.

Wine Appriciation

Several weeks ago I picked up a bottle of wine that cost about $20. Around the same time I picked up a bottle for $4. Then I managed to forget which bottle was which. I decided to see if I could determine the $20 bottle based on taste alone. No luck. The moral of the story is that I’m wasting money if I don’t buy cheap wine. Someday I’ll be more refined. . .

Charter Cable Offers

My cable internet connection is with Charter. So far it has been of acceptable quality. The one thing that has annoyed me is Charter’s persistence in getting me to bundle services and sign up for a phone line (what is this, 1950?) and cable television (what is this, 2000?). After a barrage of phone calls I vowed to the sales person that I would cancel my internet service if I got one more Charter call regarding signing up for phone or television service. Since then I have not had a single Charter call. Instead of calls I’ve been getting letters. The funny thing is that the deal keeps alternating. One week the letter offers me bundled service for $39.99 for each service, and then the next week they’ll offer them for $29.99 each. It keeps switching back and forth. During my last call with the Charter representative I told her I valued phone service at $1 a month (because I just want my name in the phone book) and television service at $10 a month (because I only want ~10 channels).


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