Wrong Name, Wrong Carpet, Wrong Role

Wrong Name

Someone I work with has been calling me by an incorrect first name for the past 9 months. We don’t converse often. The first time we talked was in a crowded, loud place. It would have been easy to mishear a name. Since that time, however, my name has been mentioned publicly in this co-worker’s presence numerous times. As time passes it gets more and more awkward. We’ve definitely passed the point of an easy correction. I’m really curious how the moment of realization will come and if it will be acknowledged. I’m thinking about wearing my office door name placard on a chain around my neck like a Flavor Flav clock necklace.

Wrong Carpet

When I was  apartment hunting last winter I visited a place I really liked except for one thing. The one thing was pink carpet. I decided the color of the carpet was not going to chase me away. So I live there now.

This week the carpet was replaced, and that’s good. The carpet installed was not the color that was selected, and that’s bad.

I won’t complain. The selected color was a cappuccino color with flecks of espresso (khaki colored with dark brown accents). The carpet delivered was a cappuccino with triple cream and no flecks (very pale tan). It’s a major upgrade from what was here before, and I was surprised that I was able to make the selection in the first place. My landlord has filed a complaint with the carpet installers, so I just might have my apartment re-re-carpeted. . .

Wrong Role

Every week I have officially been a faculty member at Cal Poly I have been mistaken for a college student. I wonder how long that streak will last? I’m getting tired of correcting people. It has shown me how common it is for people to not listen to details during an introduction. When talking about my role at Cal Poly I usually say something like: “I’m a faculty member in the horticulture and crop science department” or “I teach plant production classes.” The first question I get is almost always: “What are you studying?” or “When do you graduate?” It’s like autopilot.


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