The Eye of the Beholder: Seeing the Future

Most elementary music or dance recitals are attended for the love of someone, not the love of art. It is a place for high treason against metronomes, mangled melodies, and hopelessly awkward choreography. The entertainment value is not of primary concern to those in attendance. Attendance shows support. The little boy plunking out notes laboriously on a piano is demonstrating a skill learned through practice. The little girl manipulating a squeaky and wandering melody from her violin is showing her dedication. Both of them are learning to be at ease in front of a crowd and to control their nerves.

The smiles on the faces of attendees are not derived from music or dance, they are from pride and joy over the performer. The courage to try. The fruition of work. The future potential.

And that’s why we go to recitals.

This post is actually about baseball–the Phillies to be precise. Recently I was trying to explain to someone why I’ve enjoyed watching the Phillies over the past couple of weeks. The team is bad. Postseason dreams have been dashed. But right now the Phillies have numerous players getting their first chance to play at the big league level. It is an audition for next year. Many of these players I have watched in the minor leagues, particularly at Reading in 2011 and 2012.

So I watch Cody Asche, Darin Ruf, Jake Diekman, B.J. Rosenberg, Justin De Fratus, Cesar Hernandez, and other players show what they can do. Right now I am enjoying watching the groundwork being laid for the future.

This is the refining fire for fans. It is a season of growing pains. Glory is a long way off. But in its own way it is wonderful.


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