Just Another Night at the Farmer’s Market

Tonight I walked to the downtown farmer’s market. I had an evaluation and comparison on my mind. A few weeks ago I discovered that McLintock’s sold the best pulled pork I’ve ever tasted. The sandwich is massive and wonderful. McLintock’s always has the longest line of all the food stands. The line stretches past one of their neighbors, The Rib Line, and they make a strong effort to entice people to bail on McLintock’s and eat at The Rib Line. The stands represent restaurants, and according to Yelp McLintock’s gets a 3.5 star rating while The Rib Line gets a 4.0. On UrbanSpoon McLintock’s gets an 88% and The Rib Line gets an 87%.

Tonight I wanted to see how The Rib Line’s pulled pork compared to McLintock’s. And the verdict is that there is no comparison. On a 10 point scale McLintock’s rates as a solid 9 (the best I’ve had, but I’ll leave room for a 10 that might change my life). My standard for a 1 is The Great Pulled Pork Disaster of 2007 when I made 5 lbs of pulled pork that smelled like heaven but was entirely unpalatable due to a liberal application of liquid smoke. The Rib Line pulled pork sandwich rates at a 5.

I feel I must clarify that I was just comparing the pulled pork sandwiches. I have no idea how the ribs or tri-tip fare.

The last time I stopped by the market I noticed a little stand advertising authentic Thai iced tea. So after picking up a sandwich I stopped to get a glass of iced tea. it was the first Thai iced tea I have tried. The flavor fascinated me because it tasted very familiar and very foreign at the same time. The familiarity was due to the Ceylon tea flavor, the sweetened milk flavor, and a hint of tamarind. What made it seem foreign was that I had never experienced these flavors together. And I noted that the aftertaste reminded me of a Yoo-hoo. It was good.

While I ate I listened to a guy in an alien spacesuit play rock cello. He was intense. His electric cello was pretty cool.

The Lord of the Cello rocks at the Thursday Night Farmer's Market in SLO.

The Lord of the Cello rocks at the Thursday Night Farmer’s Market in SLO.

He has a website at www.lordofthecello.com. I notice he has recorded with KISS, which is easy for me to believe.

As a random note, I’ve now lived here long enough that I expect to see people I know when I go to the downtown market on a Thursday night. It’s one of the beauties of living in a small town.


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