A Beverage, A Sandwich, and Clearance

A Beverage: A few weeks ago I had vanilla lemonade for the first time. Since that time I’ve been playing around with recipes. My current favorite:

3 lemons (juiced)
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp real vanilla extract
2 quarts cold water

Mix thoroughly, serve very cold.

I’d like to try making a syrup using sugar and vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract, but I haven’t yet located vanilla beans for sale. Have you ever made vanilla lemonade before? What ingredients and ratios do you use? (And if you have not made it before, you should try it.)

A Sandwich: On the same night I tried vanilla lemonade for the first time someone told me I should get an F. McKlintock’s pulled pork sandwich at the San Luis Obispo Thursday Night Farmer’s Market. Before hearing the recommendation I was already planning to visit McKlintock’s in the near future, I just hadn’t settled on what to order. Tonight I spent some time wandering the market. The McKlintock’s stand had the longest line at the market (that’s usual), and tonight it was of nearly comical length. It ran from the stand all the way to the edge of the farmer’s market. The sandwich was worth the wait.

The impressive sandwich.

The impressive sandwich.

The sandwich is actually the equivalent of three sandwiches on one roll. I treated the first half pound of pork as a finger food, then ate the remainder as a regular sandwich. I will most definitely return for a sequel.

Clearance: Back in May I was diagnosed with pneumonia. A week after that diagnosis I was feeling much better thanks to antibiotics. But then I received a postcard from the medical center I had visited requesting I call them to talk about my x-rays. Turns out something in my right lung concerned the radiologist who reviewed my x-rays after my appointment. She asked me to have a follow-up appointment. I was told it might be early Valley Fever. Since I had not been in desert settings enough to contract Valley Fever I realized that if growths were in my lung it wasn’t going to be that particular fungus, and it probably was going to be a problem.

After a more than a month of waiting and testing via blood work and more x-rays I finally got the all-clear from my doctor this week. It is likely the radiologist was just seeing the pneumonia. I’m glad to have that resolved.



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3 responses to “A Beverage, A Sandwich, and Clearance

  1. Anonymous

    Gary and I tried your recipe for Vanilla Lemonade and found it very refreshing and delicious! I would recommend making your own vanilla extract…I make mine with vodka and vanilla beans. Google a DIY vanilla extract recipe. It is so simple and adds wonderful flavor…

  2. Anonymous

    You can buy vanilla beans online or sometimes in the spice sections of major grocery stores (they are more expensive when purchased this way). Hope you have success in your hunt!

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