A Few Thoughts on a Sunny Sunday

It’s a beautiful day in SLO. Here are few thoughts or notes from today:

The pneumonia has been vanquished. Turns out the cold I wrote about last week was pneumonia. I finally broke down and got chest x-rays and a diagnosis on Monday. A round of antibiotics killed off the pathogen that was causing the problem. It feels good to be able to breathe again and to not have chest pain. As an aside, if you ever walk into an Urgent Care clinic and describe your symptoms as chest pain with shortness of breath you get very fast service. I even went to great pains to reassure them my heart was fine. In hindsight I should have described my symptoms as upper body pain associated with my right lung. Live and learn.

Black pepper and garlic powder. Why do most chip, crisp, and cracker manufacturers feel the need to add garlic powder to Black Pepper and Sea Salt flavored products? I love black pepper. I hate garlic. I do not want them to be associated.

Hot water. Have you ever jumped in the shower and discovered the water was hotter than you expected? You feel the scalding burn and contort your body to avoid the water while quickly lowering the temperature. And then you realize that any temperature below that initial scalding one feels too cool? So you quickly end up right back where you started, taking a hot-but-slightly-painful shower. I’ve noticed the only way to avoid this is to blast very cold water for a moment to destroy that initial hot calibration. I’m curious how temperature perception works . . .


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