Avocados from the Sky

The large avocado trees by my apartment have begun bombarding the earth with berries[1]. I’ve been collecting them. Tonight I made an avocado and cheese omelette for dinner. It was very good. Last week I made burritos with extra avocado. They were good. I’m beginning to think you can’t lose with avocado.

Yesterday I picked up supplies to experiment with guacamole recipes. That’s the plan for later this week. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never made guacamole before.

On an unrelated note, in the past two weeks I consumed 9 pounds of clementines.

Money may not grow on trees, but here in California a lot of good stuff does.

[1] Did you know that avocados are berries? You might think they’re drupes, like plums or peaches, but they are actually single-seeded berries. The important thing is the endocarp. In drupes the endocarp is stony and hard (it’s the part we think of as the pit, which surrounds the seed). In berries the endocarp is not hard. In an avocado fruit the endocarp is soft and located right against the massive seed coat (avacado seeds are the Hummers of plant seeds).


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