Printing Checks and Paradigms

Two unrelated thoughts:

I ordered checks recently. When they arrived I noticed that they present the date as:  __________20____. And it made me wonder how they will be printed as the 22nd century approaches? When is it 21 instead of 20? What if you order boxes of checks mid-2099? I did not notice this with the 1999 to 2000 transition. I’ve always wished my checks let me write the entire date; it bothers me that the first two digits of the year don’t match the rest of the date.

And changing gears . . .

Disagreement is a major part of life. I’ve been reminded how a person can be so ingrained in a paradigm that comprehension of a dissenting opinion is impossible. When something we love or cherish is rejected it can be baffling. How does the other person fail to see the value? As I have listened to cases recently for why I should love X, I realized something. The arguments frequently centered around the speaker. The logic goes like this:

I’ve been part of X for a long time. You should love X.

X gave me a sense of belonging. You should love X.

Not convincing. The closest thing I’ve heard to an argument considering me is:

If you help X, then X will help you.

However, it is crystal clear to me that X will not help me. This is not a quick opinion–this is a careful analysis. My rebuttals of the value of X are not heard.

And so I must pretend 6+6=1 for the time being.


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