Poly Royal Weekend

Poly Royal weekend is just wrapping -up here in SLO. It’s the annual campus open house and recruiting weekend at Cal Poly, SLO. Saturday I spent the early morning in my office while the parade occurred. I could hear the instruments, cheering, sirens, and all sorts of festivities. I learned that the dominant thing people on parade floats say as they pass by is Wooooo!

In the late morning and afternoon I did some repping and recruiting. I also  walked around campus to see all the booths and festivities. One group had a food vending stand that had a large sign with simple block text across the top: BACON. They were selling bacon. From what I could tell it was being sold in little boats, like an order of fries. I am shocked I’ve never seen this before.

My lunch consisted of a tri-tip sandwich (a cut of meat found primarily on the Central Coast) and deep friend artichoke hearts. The artichokes were at a stand by themselves. You might think artichokes would be a tough sell. Not the case.

Deep frying transforms an artichoke heart into something wonderful. I was a bit skeptical before I tried one. I now believe. I put the artichoke on level ground with onions in the deep friend world, above Oreo cookies but below cod.

Poly Royal food: a tri-tip sandwich and deep fried artichoke hearts.

Poly Royal food: a tri-tip sandwich and deep fried artichoke hearts.

Poly Royal was fun; it helped ease the pain of being thousands of miles from Blue-White weekend. I miss Happy Valley (and the people that go with it).


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