Changing Expectations: Connection Speed

I have a Panasonic Blu-Ray player (DMP-BDT220). Its primary functions are to serve as a source for NetFlix streaming and MLB.TV streaming. I am not impressed by the navigation and processor speed of the device, though I like it better than some of the alternative brands I considered. Internet connectivity and navigation via Blu-Ray player seems to be 10 years behind the technology curve. How can they be so clunky and slow?

My expectations for electronic devices have changed.

1992-1999: I used computers as word processors and gaming devices. I thought Windows was amazing after starting on a DOS system. No internet yet. I had a clunky Nokia cell phone for work.

1999: I started using email regularly and discovered the internet. When I wrote essays and research papers for college I still relied primarily on libraries. I got my first laptop, which was slow and (mostly) steady.

2000-2005: The internet slowly increased in research value, but most of the journal articles I wanted to access were not yet available online. I transitioned from dial-up internet to DSL. I had a Nextel work phone that looked like this, and it got simple text versions of a few websites. It impressed me to see live score updates from baseball games and weather forecasts.

2005-2009: I got a cutting edge laptop. My internet research skills were honed. I became very conscious of slow page loads and lag times. I used two simple cell phone models that had no internet connectivity.

2010-present: My computers got better, my expectations rose. The majority of research materials I used were online. I got an iPhone 4 and remain unimpressed at its performance speed and its refusal to play with others. I got a Blu-Ray player and marveled at its slowness. Sometimes when I’m particularly annoyed I criticize the device: “You’re nothing but a scrawny 8-track player.”

The internet and device connectivity have come a long way since I first started using computers.

Do you own a Blu-Ray player? How do you feel about its speed and navigation?


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