The San Luis Obispo Downtown Farmer’s Market

On Thursday nights the SLO Downtown Farmer’s Market is held. It’s a year-round occurrence. Today when I got home from work I walked downtown to take in the festivities. It had been several weeks since I was last at the market, and it was much bigger than I had ever seen it before (thanks no doubt to the warmer weather). The street was crowded.

The San Luis Obispo Thursday Night Downtown Farmer's Market.

The San Luis Obispo Thursday Night Downtown Farmer’s Market.

As I walked through the market I was reminded that I do not enjoy photographing people in public or taking photos that inconvenience others. I prefer to photograph plants, landscapes, or athletic events. So I didn’t take many pictures.

There were many musical acts on the side streets. The Crustacean Jazz Band was playing a bluegrass-jazz fusion that was very interesting.

The Crustacean Jazz Band.

The Crustacean Jazz Band.

A 1970s psychedelic jam band was playing very long instrumentals. When I imagine Woodstock it sounds like this.

The psychedelic jam band.

The psychedelic jam band.

I took a picture of the crowd, and when I saw it later something jumped out at me. Take a look–what catches your eye?

What catches your eye?

What catches your eye?

Maybe the fact that the sky is very overexposed? Maybe the fact that there’s a really tall guy? Maybe the bounce house? Or maybe what I see–the street sign that reads BROad. Whe I first moved here I liked the unique font on SLO road signs. But with time the font has started to bother me because it uses random capitalization. Some letter are in caps, others are lowercase.

The intersection of hIGUERa and GaRDEn.

The intersection of hIGUERa and GaRDEn.

Things I observed:

– A guy wearing a Phillies hat.

– An elderly lady with a sign that read: “It’s easier to change condoms than diapers.”

– The lines at the food stands selling barbecued ribs, tri-tip, and pulled meats were very long (about 50 people). The lines at the vegetarian and and non-barbecue stands were very short (0-3 people).

– I saw a police officer preventing a streetwalker from working the market. She was angry; he was adamant.

– I heard two parents explaining the dinner ground rules to their young kids: “You can spend $10 on whatever you want to eat. If you get sick in the car on the way home then next week we get to tell you what to eat.” The kids went straight for churros. I fear for their dinner independence next week.

– I bought three boxes of strawberries–I’m planning to make a strawberry pie tomorrow. . .


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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks, Ben, for such a great reminder of the weekly SLO Farmers Market! Enjoy the pie!

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