Hope and Driving

Hope Can Be Cruel
Today the Temple Owls played a basketball game in which they were a substantial underdog. And they almost won. As I watched the game I started with a 5% belief the Owls would win, but with each passing minute the Owls led my hope grew. In the second half the Owls were in front for about 18 minutes. I was at 85% when the wheels fell off the wagon in the closing two minutes. We lost.
When hope is false it makes loss terribly painful. I understand why some people get bitter and refuse to hope.
LA Drivers vs Philly Drivers
I’ve now driven in LA traffic for several hours. I have one major observation (and this applies to my entire California experience). Drivers on California roads use their horns and middle fingers far less frequently than Philly or New York drivers. After living in CA for 3.5 months I have yet to hear a Californian use a car horn (and I have not seen anyone flip someone off). Amazing.


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