Have Shirt Sleeves Lengthened?

A random thought crossed my mind last week. Have shirt sleeves lengthened recently?

In the past when I would buy a shirt labelled L it would have sleeves that were slightly too short. I had many of these shirts–I would just roll the cuffs back and wear them in a casual fashion. When I wanted properly fitted sleeves I would buy fitted shirts with 35/36 sleeves or LT-sized shirts.

Recently (last week as I walked across campus) I noticed that L shirts I have purchased in the past three years or so fit.

Since my old L shirts are still short I have ruled out that I have shrunk. Right now I see two possibilities:

1. I am buying brands that use larger sizing than the brands I purchased in the past.
2. Shirt sleeves have lengthened.

Has anyone else noticed that shirt sleeves have lengthened?


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