The Winter is Gone in California

We’ve had a dry winter on the central coast of California. Any real semblance of cold weather has fled. The afternoons are in the 70s with sun. My internal season barometer tells me it is May. I need to be recalibrated.

I have not been able to savor the beautiful weather much; work is too demanding. I’m gearing up for a trip with the Cal Poly PLANET student competition team to Aubrun University. That means a mad scramble to get things in order so I can be gone for 6 days. As an aside: if you are starting your first quarter/semester teaching new classes do not leave for 6 days during said quarter/semester. This has ratcheted my stress level up to new highs since starting my job. 

Random Note: My apartment has very little insulation and thin walls. When people walk down the ally under my bedroom in the still of the night I can hear conversations very clearly. Sometimes the people are returning from parties, so who knows what they’ve smoked or ingested. Here’s a recent conversation:

Guy 1: Have you ever thought about what four-legged animals would look like if they had three legs?
Guy 2: I saw a dog with three legs once.
Guy 1: No, I mean like if the front two legs were just replaced with one centered leg. 
Guy 2: Oh . . .
Guy 1: Seriously, imagine a cow running with three legs!
Everyone laughs (including me)


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