Settling In, Hollywood, and Branding

When the winter quarter started at Cal Poly it put a hold on my settling in to my apartment. By the time I get home from work I do not feel like furniture shopping or decorating. I have boxes of books sitting on the floor. My television is sitting on an end table. I ordered a television stand and a bookcase recently, so later this week they should arrive. My trusty black leather chair is en route from the East Coast too, so my living room should feel more like home by the end of the week.

This past Thursday I went to the Landscape Industry Show in Los Angeles. My name tag had my name and affiliation, with the category Educator/Student along the bottom of the tag. Every person I talked to assumed I was a student. Next year I’ll put a Dr. in front of my name or throw a Ph.D. at the end. I hate how that looks, but I’m tired of being offered internships.  I’ve also considered Just For Men Touch of Gray®. On the return trip from Los Angeles I got to see the Hollywood sign in person, which was cool. From the freeway Hollywood looked a lot different than I imagined it would look.

Soon after I arrived in California I noticed that Hellmann’s mayo is sold under the name Best Foods. I recently noticed that Edy’s Ice Cream is sold under the name Dreyer’s Ice Cream here. The company was founded by Joseph Edy and William Dreyer, and I guess they each got half of the United States.

Tomorrow Cal Poly has off to celebrate George Washington’s birthday. I’ve never attended a school that took off for Washington’s birthday. I guess this is why they say that California knows how to party. I’ll be working. I guess I’m not a true Californian yet.


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