Now It’s Real

I recently was added to the faculty webpage for my department. Nothing is real until it’s on the internet.

facultyOther random notes:

  • This evening I stopped and bought a few donuts at a little shop in SLO. The clerk didn’t speak much English but we still had a pleasantly awkward conversation. After paying for my donuts I dropped a tip in a glass jar sitting on the counter, wished him a good evening, and turned to walk out the door. He stopped me, ran over to the donut case, and grabbed a monstrous coconut cruller. “This is for you.” I wish more people said thanks with supersized donuts.
  • Gas prices in SLO have skyrocketed. We’re now over $4.00 a gallon for regular unleaded. GasBuddy reports $4.239 for the station just down the road that I filled up at a few days ago. When I arrived in SLO in December prices were around $3.60.
  • I saw a movie recently that was set in Pennsylvania. The primary car in the film had both front and back official PA license plates. In all my years in PA I never saw a car with a front PA plate. I think somebody messed up.
  • In California cars do not have a safety inspection like I am accustomed to in PA. I have seen a disturbing number of cracked windshields on CA cars. I’ll need to remember this. I counted on yearly inspections to keep tabs on my tire wear, brakes, and general repairs.
  • Every time a Californian remarks about how cold it is right now I can’t help but smile.
  • I’ve seen some impressive sunrises and sunsets while at work, but my phone camera failed to do them justice. A few days ago the sky was brilliantly pink and orange with interesting cloud textures. For a moment I wasn’t enjoying it at all because I felt like I was missing an opportunity to take a great picture. And then I remembered that savoring the scene and experiencing the moment counts for a lot. Sure, it’s natural to want to share something that beautiful–but sometimes you’re alone and you just have to respond to beauty for what it is and not look to someone else for validation. I should be good at that by now, but I still forget.

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