Time Zones, Football, and Television

Yesterday I missed the Super Bowl. In my mind the Super Bowl is played in the early evening. I forgot that I am now on the West Coast, where the East Coast early evening is the late afternoon. I also learned that CBS has no viable over the air signal in my area. I can get NBC, ABC, CW, and FOX just fine, but CBS is a no go.

Instead of watching the Super Bowl I had a short How I Met Your Mother Season 7 marathon. Now that I’m through 7 seasons, with two remaining, I’m very curious which story lines will be wrapped up and which ones will remain open. The show intrigues me with its mix of terrible advice and warped portrayals of love contrasted with the deeper truths that emerge (sometimes unexpectedly). Also, it’s nice rooting for Ted and knowing he’s going to win. In life we don’t know the outcome while experiencing the story–that’s a luxury reserved for scripts.


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