Pennsylvania Connections

A surprising number of people I have met in California have Pennsylvania connections. It might have been a former home, a college destination, or the location of relatives. It’s reassuring to encounter people familiar with the Keystone State. The most interesting and amusing reference to Pennsylvania came about during a recent conversation. The topic started as accents. Evidently I did not have a distinguishable accent, so I was asked where I grew up. When I stated that I was from Pennsylvania Dutch country, this ensued:

Her: I was conceived in Pennsylvania Dutch country!
Me: (silent, trying to decide how to respond)
Her: Yes, my family is originally from (Mid-western State) but I was conceived in Pennsylvania. I don’t know what my father was doing in PA . . . (trails off, thinking)
Me: (trying to maintain my composure)
Her: I guess that was awkward, huh?

Yup. Sorta awkward.


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