It Puts the Lotion in the Basket

Before I moved to California a few Californians originally from the east told me I should start using a skin moisturizer after I made the move. That advice came with many other words of advice, and in the whirlwind of moving I did not act on it immediately. After a couple of weeks here I noticed my hands and elbows hurt due to little cracks in my skin, and I felt like I was molting.

I went to Target and stood in the Moisturizers and Lotions aisle. And I became very aware that I had no prior experience purchasing this type of product. Aloe, shea butter, oil-based, water-based, scented, non-scented, with strangely-named-chemicals-that-promote-skin-healing, without those chemical, clear, white, and all sorts of in between.

After some contemplation I picked out an assortment of products for my shopping basket. I selected products with different ingredients in medium sized bottles so I could test their effectiveness.

Now, some time later, my skin no longer feels three sizes too small. The back of my hands and elbows have healed.

My favorite product so far has shea butter and cocoa in it. Not only is it effective, it also makes me smell faintly like a Hershey’s product. It’s great, and I only occasionally wake up in the morning chewing on my forearm.


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